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Who We Are

The Fellowship of Reconciliation is the oldest continuously active organization in the world for peace and social justice advocacy, having been organized in Europe in 1914.  It began as a lone voice for world peace in the midst of the devastation of World War I, but over the years has been a powerful voice not only for peace, but for social and economic justice, as well as racial and gender equality.

The Oregon Fellowship of Reconciliation (OFOR) is the Oregon chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation USA (FOR-USA).  Its official location is in Salem, Oregon, but there are local groups of OFOR members in several of the larger Oregon cities, including Salem, Portland, Eugene and Corvallis.  These groups meet, some on a monthly basis, for fellowship and information sharing.  For 2014 OFOR has two co-chairpersons, Janet Hawkins and Terri Schofner. 

Every even-numbered year OFOR organizes and coordinates the annual FOR Seabeck Conference in Seabeck, WA.  In odd-numbered years that honor goes to the Western Washington chapter of FOR.  The 2015 conference will be the FOR Seabeck Conference's 57th anniversary.  The 2016 Seabeck Conference will be a very special occasion, the 100th Anniversary of FOR-USA,  which was organized in 1916.  Simultaneous conferences one the East Coast and at Seabeck are planned, with video streaming of keynote speakers and some workshops at both locations.

FOR-USA is headquartered at Nyack, NY in the historic Shadow Cliff mansion overlooking the Hudson River.  The Executive Director of FOR-USA is Kristin Stoneking (standing in black suit with white trim in the picture on right) , who lives in Davis, California.  The current board chairperson for FOR-USA is Laurie Childers (next to Kristin in the blue scarf), who lives in Corvallis, Oregon.


Both FOR-USA and OFOR are affiliated with IFOR, the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, based in Alkmaar, Netherlands.  The current International Coordinator for IFOR is Rev. Lucas Johnson, who can be seen in the picture on the left of the first Fellowship School in 2012, an annual training and internship program for young adults looking to become leaders within the global nonviolence movement.  Lucas is in the middle of the group, wearing a light blue and white shirt.

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